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I just made the coolest discovery online and I had to share it with you!  You know how music can effect your mood, well mood also can effect your choice in which types of music you want to listen to.  If I am in a dreamy mood I don’t feel like listening to dance music and vice versa.  There are days when I go to my Itunes play lists and just can’t find the perfect one to suit my mood.  That is why I am so excited to have discovered stereomood!

They’ve created a way to suggest songs that follow your feelings: stereomood is the emotional internet radio, providing music that best suits your mood and your activities.

how do i feel? what am i doing now?

What a great idea! Listen to the music that best suits my mood or my activity
…and it’s all chosen for you.  Decide your mood and click on that category.  So easy!

While I’m writing this post I’m listening to the Optimistic play list and LOVING it!  There are so many I want to check out! Lost in thought. Epic. Elegant. Groovy. Foreplay? Hmm.


4 thoughts on “Emotional Internet Radio

  1. I thought I was going to the first to make a station like that. Damn. I was too slow. I have always wanted to find a station like this and low and behold I found a link about it on Taracronica.
    Im at work right now so I cannot click on the site but once I get home I think this is the only thing Im going to be listening to at night time.

    (PS Yes I check my taracronica at work. lol. Im even wearing the famous Taracronica tee)

  2. Thank you for finding & sharing…!!!! Very much looking forward to surfing the site and finding a new musician or genre. Tonight while I paint in the studio… I’ll tilt a shot of “Fireball” in your direction. Salute’
    Smile ya later…fcc

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