This months pretty header, created by Tracy, is “finding lyrical beauty in dreams” which has brought back a memory of her and I eating mangoes for breakfast and telling each other about our previous night’s dreams.  This memory is from 1993-ish when we shared a townhouse in North Vancouver.  I was newly single with my young son and she was just entering a new relationship; one that would last for many years and bless her with two beautiful children.  They were exciting but scary times for us both.   We ate a lot of mangoes.  I can’t remember what our dreams were all about back then.  I really wish I’d written them down.  I think it would be fun to look back at them now and see if there were any warnings or messages from those dreams that we could have or should have paid attention to.  Like if I dreamt of getting food poisoning after eating Greek food with Bruce Lee inside a tepee – that would definitely have meant DO NOT date Nick! Palm smack to the forehead.

Dreams are funny things.  When I was younger I put a lot of importance into what my dreams were trying to tell me.  I thought dreams were created by the wisest souls in the universe, all hovering over my head at night and conjuring up hundreds of creative messages in the form of a dream just to lead me down the right path in life.  Hmm.  Now I tend to think dreams are more like a bunch of random thoughts I’ve stored in my sub-conscious which then bubble to the surface of my brain during sleep to play out in any manner that suits them.  How else do you explain my dreams of playing tag with, and then cuddling up to, a giant grizzly – who spoke with a British accent and had minty fresh breath?

I still have dreams that feel very real and can affect my whole day.  My grandparents have both passed away but I’ve had dreams of my grandfather sitting and talking to me about old times and afterwards I’ve woken up feeling grateful and happy.  Every now and then I’ll dream of my grandmother laughing and then I’ll wake up laughing myself.  I’ve also woken in a really bad mood when I’ve dreamt that John has run off with Christina Aguilera…again!  Or wait, maybe that was his dream.  Either way, I’m cranky all day!

Sometimes John will have dreams that are more like nightmares where he is fighting for his life – usually against a giant British grizzly – and I’ll have to wake him up so he stops whimpering yelling in manly grunts.  I remember one night he woke me up by making this really strange sound through his nose – and not his usual racket commonly known as snoring.  This sounded more like a birthing cow.  I thought, oh dear, the poor guy is fighting some evil alien and losing, I better wake him up. When I kicked shook him gently, he rolled over and giggled.  Really? After the sounds you were just making you can giggle? The next morning I couldn’t wait to find out what he was dreaming about.  Turns out my strong manly husband dreamt he owned a cute baby elephant which he kept in the back yard.  The sounds I heard were of him calling his baby elephant over to him to play – in elephant talk.  Ohhh kayyy.  What do you suppose the spiritual message was in that dream?

All I know is that if I’m working on the code of a website all day; guess what my dreams are all about? Code.  If I’m pulling weeds in the garden all day – weeds.   If I’m painting the house – paint.  Am I just getting dull or have all those higher souls gone on to the next person who is in greater need of a creative message while they sleep? Or maybe they’ve deserted me because I never understood their crazy-ass messages and went down a few wrong paths despite all their hard work.

Oh Mr. Sandman bring me your dreams make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen


  • Steve

    I had a very unusual dream a few nights back. I was sipping coffee in a lounge chair, outside a log cabin that overlooked a lake. Then suddenly I felt an overwhelming urge to walk through a door. What happened after that? Well I can play the scenario out in my head but I’m not sure I can put it into words … I’m still working on that.

  • Tracy Westerholm

    Funny…funny girl!

    I’m a dreamer! In life and when my eyes close. I have a vivid imagination so it only makes sense I have vivid dreams! I used to go to bed early just to dream **sigh**(sometimes I still do) 😉

    I dream vividly almost every night. My dreams are usually in sequence, a full story playing out. I woke myself up last week screaming in bursts as I watched a man walking through my door, holding a door sideways. I am guessing he was bringing me the door I am supposed to walk through? I’ve dreamt of flying and time traveling…
    I love when you wake up after having a dream where you eat like a pig and feel no guilt. Su-weet.

    Sex dreams…well they’re just an added bonus from the dream fairies! (thank you) 😉

    I am not sure why we dream, I just know I love when I do, mine are always an adventure, not usually disturbing and if the Universe is sending me a message…Thank-You I am listening!

    I think you spent the night with your Grandfather 😉

    Cute baby Elephants hey John! I’m looking that one up!

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