Dormez Vous? Dormez Vous?

“Mothers couldn’t be everywhere. That’s why God created Grandmothers.”  I love this saying. I found it on a plaque once and gave it to my own grandmother. It made her cry. It was especially true in her case. My grandmother did step in for my mom for a time when I was very young and she remained really dear and special to me. I miss her very much, but I’m grateful for the many years of wonderful memories I have of her.

I am blessed with four step grandchildren myself now and I want to be the kind of grandma (or Nana in my case) that she was, or at least as close as I can get to it. My own grandmother was full of fun and adventure when she was with me and I want to be like that with the next generation for as long as I can.

Now that my son has grown and moved on I realize, to my shock, how fast his childhood fled by and so as grandparents John and I want to s-l-o-w it down and enjoy every second. We just spent the long weekend here at our place with 3 of our kids and their friends/spouses, and 4 grand kids. The weather wasn’t ideal but we still had a lot of fun together. We all get together every year on the Canada Day long weekend and I love that it has become “our” time. Blow up beds and foamies everywhere; chip crumbs and ice cream drips on the floor. It doesn’t get any better!

For those few days our usual quiet routine was interrupted by the sound of a little one singing Frère Jacques and Itsy Bitsy Spider over and over and over, the adolescent squeaks of a boy-voice-changing to-a-man-voice, doors constantly opening and closing, the boom of gun fire from video games, and laughter…lots and lots of laughter. And we loved every second of it!

As I write this I’m surrounded by pictures of my family and it makes my heart swell. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Once I’ve swept and washed the sticky floor, washed the eight loads of sheets and towels that wait for me, had a nap, ordered out for dinner and put my feet up…I’m really going to miss everyone.

In a day or two I’ll probably even stop hearing these words repeating in my head:

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez vous? Dormez vous? Sonnez les matines, Sonnez les matines, Ding, dang, dong! Ding, dang, dong!

I understand why my grandma had to have a nap everyday now. Dormez vous? Soon, little one, soon.

Cherish the moments everyone!


  • jacquie

    There is a HUGE message here for everyone! The best parts of life are the times spent with loved ones, whether that means family or friends or both. Don’t sweat the small stuff; floors can be mopped.
    Sounds like you had an amazing Canada Day weekend, Bon. Feels like a million bucks when the house is full and everyone’s having a laugh (but it’s also nice to know the full house isn’t permanent!)

  • Tracy Westerholm

    I absolutely LOVE that picture of little C! OMG that is it right there isn’t it! Love the Chaos…I am learning to for sure. Jordan has had friends here since school has been out and it’s been funny listening and talking to preteens! I realllllly don’t want ice-cream drips and chip crumbs all over the floor though 😉

    Love the house full of laughter and friends, wine and tunes are good too…but I agree with Jacquie it’s nice to know it’s not permanent!
    I always wanted to be the house kids hang out at and that is part of it I suppose…a glass of wine seems to take the ‘edge’ off 🙂

    Is Mason 6 feet tall! Yikes!
    Pic at the top too is awesome!

    Great Post Bonnie! Let the summer begin! xoxoxoxo

    • Bonnie Johnson

      I don’t know why she was crying at that point because she was happy all week. Funny! Mason is standing on the others backs. 😉

      Enjoy the house full of kids while you can, spills and all. It just goes too fast. xo

  • Holly Johnson

    We had a great Canada Day weekend! We always do! It is important to dedicate time to hang out with your family, play some badminton, challenge each other to a game of Scrabble (Heads up…I am determined to expand my vocabulary for the next game!), EAT, jump into the chilly lake, EAT, waterski or wakeboard (usually followed by a dosage of Advil for us adults), have amazing meals made by Bonnie (that is a holiday in itself. I call it a Hollyday!), did I mention…EAT! Hopefully the laundry has tapered off and you can relax. As for me…the laundry never ends, the floor is always sticky, Frère Jacques is still going, but the laughter never stops, and our craving for another visit to Nana and Papa’s house creates excitement in all of us. You are “that kind of Nana”… fun to be with, loving and dear to all of us…Now go have a nap!

    • Bonnie Johnson

      Awww! Thanks Holly! I’m all caught up with laundry and my floors are clean but I miss you all. 🙁
      I can hardly wait to have everyone back again! Maybe a little less food…nah!

      (I’m going to work on my vocabulary too.) xoxo

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