Do you have a secret?

I think we all have secrets; some we are aware of and keep closely hidden and others that are so subtle we don’t even realize we have them.

I have been a fan of Frank Warren’s postsecrets for some time now.  I have two of his books of collected post cards on my shelves. These post cards are often works of art and always a small peak into the human psyche.  Some are humorous while others will break your heart.  I like that they only tell a line or two of the whole story and yet that combined with the chosen artwork is enough to make a profound statement.

(I love that song – Breathe Me – by Sia.)

So if you have a secret that is burning to get out, why not put it on a post card and send it to Frank Warren anonymously…or you could always share it with us here at Tara Cronica.  We won’t tell a soul.  I promise.


6 thoughts on “Do you have a secret?

  1. Bonnie that was really interesting to say the least, I gasped at a few of them…what a concept, releasing your secret or secrets to the ‘mailbox’! Wow my secrets don’t seem so bad now…haha I’m kidding. That seems quite cathartic for the soul, almost like going to confession for your sins. I will get a book for sure! You were right very profound !!

  2. Those are great. I like the first one. lol

    We do something in our writers group called Post Card Stories. Most often, I find they end up inadvertently related to something going on in my own life.

    You are limited to 150 words and three of them are chosen by the group. They are both intriguing, and fun.

    Like these images, it’s amazing the kind of story you can tell in so few words.

      • Here is one I love that Lawrence wrote Bonnie, I hope you don’t mind me sharing it Lawrence! 🙂

        Postcard Stories (Posted on Valentine’s Day)

        Word Limit: 150 Words or less
        Three Words: breakfast, frizzy, temptation
        Title: Leading me into Temptation

        Even as Claire looked into the mirror at her frizzy hair and pillow indented face, she couldn’t help but smile, thinking about the events of the past twelve hours.

        The evening was one she had dreamt of from the moment Jake caught her eye. They had also danced for the first time that same night, and it was in his arms where she immediately fell in love.

        It was now two years later, and all the temptation leading up to last night came flooding through her thoughts, as she stared into her peaceful blue eyes in Jakes bathroom mirror. She had not known this kind of happiness, this kind of contentment, in a long time.

        Claire let Jacobs robe fall off her slender, tanned, naked body, and slipped back under the covers. She didn’t want this perfect night to end.

        Suddenly, the sweet smell of breakfast. Heart-shaped pancakes.

        by Lawrence Thomas

        Ahhhh I love this one!

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