Dental Infidelity?

So, I went to a new dentist yesterday.  I booked in for a long over due check-up and cleaning.  It had been awhile because I wasn’t happy with my last dentist for a few reasons. This new dentist came highly recommended by my friend Chris’s sparkling white teeth.  Truly, they speak for themselves.  It was an “I’ll have what she’s having” decision.  Although I looked forward to meeting the dentist, the hygienist and the girls up front for the first time, I went in feeling a little unsure and a lot sneaky.  You see, my last dentist, who is super nice but whose work I’d lost confidence in, has her office right-across-the-street.  I felt like a traitor and worried about being seen as I was slinking into the new dentist’s office.  I decided against wearing a wig and glasses only after considering how creepy I would have appeared to the new gang.

I filled out the typical “new patient” form but hesitated over the question that asked who my previous dentist was.  I mean, how tight is the dentist brotherhood here in this small town I live in?  Do they get together regularly for drinks and flossing and to swap worst-halitosis stories?  I decided to leave the question blank.  Bad idea, because then the question was asked of me orally and I had to say the name out loud for the whole office to hear.  I swear I heard short intakes of breathe and saw slightly furrowed brows all around me.  “Cheater!  She’s cheating on a perfectly nice dentist we all know and love; one of our own.  And you know what they say, once a cheater; always a cheater.” (I was pretty sure I heard them all think this.)

When I get nervous or feel stupid I go into blabber mode.  This is where I try to say all the right things but instead of sounding sincere I end up stammering nonsense.  Yep, irrelevant words start pouring out of my mouth. So, as people I’ve only just met stared with mouths gaping, I confessed out loud a new appreciation for red wine as opposed to white (nervous giggle) and that I refuse (said a little too loudly) to give it up… no matter how it might stain my chiclets! (more nervous giggling) Someone please stick some dental instruments in my mouth so I stop! No such luck.  So I went into the long version of how I was actually born here but never actually lived here until now and how I’m mostly from North Vancouver although I’ve lived in many, many places and my husbands business is situated in another town so he commutes for part of the week and I wish it wasn’t so but you know you get used to it and hey did you know my newest grand daughter is one year old today.  Thankfully, the suction wand and a bunch of fingers went into my mouth around then so I could quietly berate myself in my own head for awhile.  The wig and glasses would have been just fine after all.

Turns out that my new dentist is very nice and I like his after-shave. Important in a dentist, no?  Of course, I’d never recognize him on the street unless I stood upside down so I’m sure he is feeling good about that.  My teeth and gums are healthy so I left with the equivalent of a gold star and a new toothbrush and floss.  Score!


7 thoughts on “Dental Infidelity?

  1. FANTASTIC, Bonnie!! I feel the same way about hairdressers! And massage therapists! I cheat, toooooo!

    I just had a dentist appt on Wednesday and I was lying there thinking about cheating on the hygienist while she was cleaning my teeth. I thought she was too delicate and it worried me that she was new to the biz. She didn’t use enough of that suction either. I almost choked several times. It’s bad when you’re right in the middle of doing it and you’re thinking of someone else, right?

  2. Too funny! Thanks for the Friday giggle. I’m sure we’ve all been there ( I know I have)! I tend to blather on as well. We were talking about cheating on the orthodontist this week, and how it came to bite one of my friends in the butt. Why do we feel guilty about seeking service from someone we trust (and like, who also might smell good) ? 😉

    • I cheated years ago on my hair stylist and had to go back to her with my embarrassing hair colour, but I cheated on her with myself, does that count? I signed a waiver that I would NEVER even think of walking down the hair colour aisle at any drug store.
      She kindly fixed my hair and never even made me feel guilty…thanks Kell, you really are the best!

      Dentist, oh don’t get me started! If I had a drill bit that I could use to clean my own pearly whites I would! I get my face washed each time and I am starting to think it’s a joke and that I might actually be on camera. “Lets see how wet her face has to be for her to come unglued” is a conversation I am sure happens before I sit in the torcher chair! I floss and brush a couple of times each day and can’t believe I need to have that lazer pain tool run along my exposed nerve that much! But I guess if you want to be known as “the girl with the really white teeth” you have to grin and bare it!
      Arm and Hammer tooth paste & Crest white strips once a month work wonders!

  3. I think everyone should choose who they feel comfortable with and trust. Whether a doctor dentist or… Your the one paying for these services so you should be satisfied with their work and not feel guilty when you decide to move on.

  4. I went to see my hairdresser today and she was telling me about a client she had not seen in a long while and wondered if she’d started going to see someone else in another city.

    Usually we chat while she waits for my colour to take but NO not today. Her curiousity got the better of her so she went to search her appointment book to see if “said” client had booked an appointment in the future sometime. Sign of relief – March 8 she will be in!!

    I wonder if Dentists do that too!

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