Delicious Paths to Desire

Bonnie Johnson's PostI’ve been thinking lately about how the journey to what you really want in life is the really fun part.  Isn’t it the desire that fuels you to obtain whatever you are striving for that is truly the sweetest part?  Yes, it does feel fantastic to want something strongly and after working hard finally have it in your grasp. But when I’m really honest with myself I realize that the best part of reaching a goal is the “path” to the goal.  It’s the feeling of anticipation and determination that is delicious.  I have always been struck at how I feel, having reached a goal, when there isn’t a full symphony orchestra playing and fireworks to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment and sometimes relief but once I’m there I’m looking for the next thing.

I think this is because as I’ve been climbing that mountain (metaphorically) I have been learning new techniques and new ideas and so new desires are always forming.  I’m always changing and so my knowledge and experience is always expanding which leads to new ideas and new goals and a new path to obtaining them.

Can you imagine how disappointing life would be if you actually “got there” or “made it”?  If you worked really hard at reaching a goal, you finally reached it, had a little celebration but then realized…that’s it.  That’s as far as you get to go.  Thanks for coming out but you’re done now.  Go home, there’s nothing more for you.

I am beginning to appreciate the small moments it takes to get to each new desire.   Every step of the way is savored.

That’s my deep thought of the day.  This is what happens when I get up at six am and sit alone quietly, surrounded by nature, while sipping my tea.



  • Rick

    Ahhh Bonnie, you nailed it! It’s all about the Journey! Most of the time we don’t notice until hind site that it was the Journey that had all the meaning. We tend to look toward the goal….. the result….. getting to it….. and not paying enough attention to what it took to get there. Your so on the money with having ever changing goals and ideas. If that were not the case ( as you said ) we would reach it ….. and fade away! How disappointing life would be if that was the case.

    What I got from your post today was ….. am I really paying attention to my Journey ! Am I really looking for the priceless moments ! am I really living in the moment ! ( For Real ! ) Am I really ( walking the talk ! ) or am I just talking about it !

    We all need to analyze our day at the end of it and ask ourselves …… did we pay attention to the Journey today ? Did we ( Walk The Talk Today ? ) Thanks Bonnie !

    I too start work at 5 :00 a.m. lol.

  • Tracy

    I sat with Bonnie last night until 10:30 talking while we flipped through magazines watching mindless TV, yes we had a lot to talk about. She had not yet got her topic for her morning post. If it were me I would have been in full force panic mode by then, but since I have known her she has always just floated and by that I mean she has always believed it would always work out and low and behold it did. She was NOT joking when she says this came to her at 6 am, it literally did. You blow me away with how intense and deep your posts can be writing them at the spur of the moment. Now that’s impressive to me. I agree in so many ways, I know people who travel to just get to their location and don’t see the road they traveled. It is so basic to stop and smell the roses along the way and this is a reminder of just that. Searching for moments as said in the great Movie “One Week”. Thanks for that Bon, you Rock! xo

  • jacquie

    I think maybe that’s why Lance Armstrong is back riding in the Tour de France after a four year break. He missed the journey. Seven wins weren’t enough and he has said in interviews it’s all about the 21 days, not just what happens at the finish line at the end.
    When I’m painting if I’m not enjoying the process then I don’t care how the picture turns out.
    It’s called being ‘on the road’ to Enlightenment for a reason!

  • scott

    could not agree more , completion of goals and living ones true intent is the journey,but not knowing where its taking you thats the greatest part for me. always listen to your heart ,common sense is far to common

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