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There has been a lot of animal action around our place lately.  And before your mind goes down the wrong path let me explain.

I feel like I’m living in an episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Critters seem to be invading our neighbourhood.  Most of them are welcome, like the mother robin who sits on her eggs right out side our bedroom window. Others are not quite as welcome like the pack rat that my husband is feeding trying to trap down by the cabin and the dozen or so Canadian Geese that poop all over our dock.

It began with the cutest little chipmunk getting himself caught up in some mesh in my garden.  Luckily my friend, Lorellei, had her brother visiting from Australia and he has a soft spot for animals in need of rescue.  Craig told me that he often sees koala bears that have been hit by cars lying on the side of the road and he always stops and checks their pouch for babies.  When he finds babies in the pouch still alive he takes them to a local animal rescue sanctuary.  Awwww! How sweet is that! I knew he was the right man for the job.

A week later while I sat in the back yard lounging with my book, a little chipmunk came right up to my chair and looked at me for awhile, then ran under my chair and all around me.  I’m convinced it was the same one we rescued coming to visit and say thank you.

Our next door neighbour has had a family of racoons living under his house. There has been a great deal of excitement when any of these masked bandits wander into the trap cage set up in his yard. Two walked into the cage while we were all visiting only a few feet away a couple of nights ago. Our Aussie friend Craig and his brother in law Barry have then been transporting the trapped racoons to another location far away and releasing them back into nature.  They may be a nuisance but you have to admit they are pretty cute. Here is one little guy safe in a tree after his relocation.

Last night our neighbours called us over to show us the turtle that had come out of the lake and miraculously crossed the road to their yard.

Yesterday while we sat on the end of the dock osprey floated above us looking for fish.  This morning there was one sitting in the tree outside the cabin.  Tracy took this picture of him.

Walking to the lake shore at dusk the other night, a bat collided with my cheek, fumbled to get free of my hair and then was gone.  I’m sure the bat was as freaked out as I was.  It took a while to normalize my heart rate after that.

Then there are the coyote howls coming from the hills behind our house and the ridiculous amount of deer we see all around us.

I’m not complaining. I love the opportunity to get close to most of these critters.  I draw the line at cougars and bears though and so far, gratefully, they’ve stayed away.


  • Chris

    Love the animal pics and video !! We are so lucky to live with all the critters !
    Sorry Bonnie, but just visualizing you trying to get the bat out of your hair makes me laugh !! I hope you aren’t too traumatized. I know you hate them hanging around.
    Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  • Tracy Westerholm

    I love all the critters your Crib has to offer! The Turtle was a cute little critter but by the look of his shell he had met Rico the Raccoon recently!

    I was mesmerized by the Osprey sitting so close in the tree watching my every move with confidence, I had hoped I would see him fish but just watching him was fantastic.

    I think Cougars can smell the scent of another Cougar and naturally stay clear of their territory so we should be safe in that regard 🙂 Bears however are an entirely different story…I’m really glad we didn’t see a Bear in the bush!
    Love that we have seen the magnificence of Mother Nature while we have been here! Loving each and every moment! xoxoxo

  • Lozza

    Conservationist Barry found a baby hawk on the side of the road on a bike ride to town today that may have been hit by a car. The mother was frantic close by. He had to make a decision “Do I save the bird or keep going” as he had an appt at the Doctors (he missed his previous appt so he risked the wrath of the office secretary if he missed another appt with the fickle finger of fate). Well he decided to keep going since he had nothing to catch the bird with anyway. As it happens when he arrived at the Doctors office he saw the local conservation officer so he sent him to look after the bird. Just another day in critterville!!

    • Bonnie Johnson

      Very cool! He made the right choice. Amazing how these things work out like they should. Hope the baby hawk will be ok. We really are fortunate to get to see some of these critters up close…except the bat…I can live without that again! 🙂

  • jacquie

    Growing up in Vancouver I was forever bumping into wildlife. We had a couple of enormous racoons living in our large cedar tree in the front yard, garter snakes in the tall grass, birds galore and plenty of squirrels, bees and butterflies. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of critter-nation in the city in the past decade. Global warming? Urban sprawl? Air pollution?
    It scares me sometimes to think how the face of nature has changed in Metro Vancouver and where it’s all going to end.
    The bat in the hair sounded pretty scary but I would have been awe-struck by the osprey. Big birds are so cool!

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