Colorado Rocks!

I’ve just returned from almost two weeks in Colorado.  I love Colorado.  It feels like home…only different.  I’m really comfortable there, although much of what I see around me is very different to what I experience at home. For example, I don’t look out of my window at home and see majestic mesas, sage brush and low twisty juniper as I’ve just witnessed in southern Colorado.  I’m more used to cherry trees, grape vines and lake views.

I’ve been to Colorado several times and I’m always struck by how I feel so at ease in that state.  I’m comfortable whether I’m in the high mountain country or in the arid southern tip of the state. It just feels right to me, and so do the people.  Colorado seems to be home to all kinds, from the very liberal hippy types, hikers, mountain climbers and ski bums, the ranchers, the wealthy elite (even if in their own minds), artists, all the way along to the extreme red necks.  Hmm, well that does sound a lot like BC come to think of it.

Interestingly, I feel the opposite when I travel to the eastern states.  In comparison it always takes me a few days to overcome a feeling of uneasiness.  I just feel out of balance for a day or two. I’ve often wondered if there is a magnetic force or electrical energy field that pulls me in the direction of, and keeps me attached to, the west.  I was born in the west so maybe there was a tiny chip inserted inside my brain stem at birth and it is programmed to pull me westward.  (And this coming from someone who plans to live in Florida for half the year…go figure!)

The majority of our time in Colorado this time was spent near the small town of Dolores. From here we could see Mesa Verde (translates to green table) clearly in the distance.  Mesa Verde National Park is a U.S. National Park and World Heritage Site. It was created to protect some of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the world. The park features numerous ruins of homes and villages built by the Ancestral Puebloan people about 1,400 years ago.

During this last visit we met folks in Colorado that I am sure will remain friends-for-life, and we also had the opportunity to visit and reconnect with some old friends too.  We drove from the southern tip of the state all the way to Denver and enjoyed some really spectacular scenery along the way.

If you ever get the chance to visit Colorado, do it! You won’t be disappointed.  Regardless of the season – Colorado Rocks!

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  • Lozz

    I think Colorado rocks too. After spending a week skiing there a couple of winters ago, I understand feeling at home there. So much so in fact, that the “epic ski pass” (ski 7 mountains) is likely on our short list of must dos soon.

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