Clever Crows

Bonnie's PostI have a pile of cracked walnuts underneath a telephone pole on the corner of our property by the road.  I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from for the longest time.  Recently as I was leaving the house I heard a “ting” and glanced over just in time to see a walnut hit the pavement.  When I looked up there was a large crow/raven? sitting on the top of the pole.  He then glided gently down and began eating the walnut from the cracked open shell.  Very clever!

I have to admit I call any large black bird a “crow” because I can’t tell the difference is between a raven and a crow.  I finally looked it up and discovered that ravens are about 1/3rd larger which still doesn’t help me because I’d have to have them stand side by side to see which was bigger and that will never happen because apparently they don’t ever occupy the same territory.

One of Goddess Arya Tara’s animal representatives is the raven.  The raven aspects represent:

  • higher thought
  • higher intelligence
  • higher ideals
  • mystery
  • magic
  • secrets, and
  • even deception

Wow!  I have never really enjoyed the sound of crows cawing and had never had much respect for them before now.   I’m changing my tune regarding these very intelligent birds…I just wish they could change their tune to sound more like robin!

Here’s to Goddess Tara’s Raven!  A great choice!



    • bonnie

      Thank you so much for the link “Josie”. I really enjoyed the “Joshua Klein: The amazing intelligence of crows” video. Really thought provoking. Can you imagine if we could teach crows search and rescue or to pick up all of our litter?! I am definitely looking at these birds through a different lens now. Amazing!

  • Jacquie

    I take a certain street in North Delta to get my daughter to and from school and, I kid you not, I have witnessed several crows wait at a crosswalk for lights to change before WALKING across! They stand on the curb and will only walk once the lights change as long as there aren’t any people waiting as well. It’s too funny. Very clever creatures!

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