Brilliant Marketing

I am always fascinated by the art of marketing.  Yes, I said art.  I think you have to be very creative to come up with a brilliant marketing campaign.  You may have noticed my interest in marketing by the fact that I’ve written other posts highlighting well done commercials.  The one by Old Spice and another by Kotex stand out for me.

When I come across good marketing (which is rare) I feel a surge of excitement.  I guess I’m just weird like that.  But if you’re attempting to persuade me to buy your product then I appreciate it when you’ve put some real effort and creativity into it.  When you treat me with respect and play to my intelligence instead of the other way around, then you know what? I’ll probably buy your product and try it out.

I’ve discovered another gem of creativity in marketing and I think you’ll agree.  This one is very interactive.  Smart! I can see future advertising becoming interactive with its audience.  Play along with the video below.  Click on “shoot the bear” or “don’t shoot the bear” and see what happens.  It’s fun and funny and it’s perfectly directed to their target consumers (students in this case).  I wrote about a dozen options in the space and laughed with the results of each one.  Way to go Tipp-Ex.  White and re-write.  Brilliant!


  • Tracy Westerholm

    First things first, I peeked last night at this in the drafts file and played it, I was up until 1 am playing on the computer. First I picked Don’t shoot the bear and made them laugh, then I made them screw fool around and they actually did, which made ME laugh. Obviously they knew people would choose that or they wouldn’t have created it so I know I’m normal!! That is funny, you always find really creative things to post about Bon! Kids will love it! Jesse and I just typed in shoot the bear and it’s still funny! This is great marketing! xo

  • Janet

    Amazing! I had them dancing together, and brushing their teeth together. I have to show this to my family later, and am sure we will have some other funny outcomes.

    I’d like to be the brains behind something like this…wow!

  • jacquie

    It would be interesting to know the most common requests. Before reading any of these comments I had chosen dancing and showering with the bear. This says a lot more about us, the viewers, than we care to reveal perhaps!

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