Boys Will be Girls and Girls Will be Boys

Are the days when a man was a man and a woman was a woman gone forever?  Did they ever really exist?  Gender roles are only expected norms that fit within a specific culture so the line is pretty obscure anyway.  I don’t like it to get too fuzzy though.  Call me old fashioned!

Still, I had to laugh when I came across these two sketches by the New York comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team. (They are not affiliated in any way with Harvard University or its sailing program.) Ha!

The flip side:


  • jacquie

    And what’s wrong with not wanting to eat if you know you’re going out later?! lol Makes perfect sense to me!

    I could analyze this to death and zap all the fun out of it so I’ll just say that we’re different for a reason, not just to be annoying. I think the lines are softening a bit between men and women and it’s both good and not so good.

  • Samantha Mattersdorfer

    MWAHHHH Thats so funny. Then I stopped and went.. MWAHHHH some more. :p That was so funny.

    I could analyze it as well but I think we know what the other is thinking. It was dragged out and exaggerated but thats what made it funny as well.

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