April Is Poetry Month

April is poetry month here in Canada and in the US as well.  I don’t write poetry anymore but I used to.  When I was a teenager.  Remember Tracy, how we both used to write poetry even into our early twenties?  I think it had something to do with feeling great passion and excitement for our unknown future one minute, followed by an uncertain angst the next.  Youthful turmoil stirred our creative juices.  When I re-read some of the poems I wrote back then, I had to chuckle.  And no I’m not going to share them here with all of you now.  Pht! They’re pretty bad.  I do remember how great it felt to put my feelings on paper during those times though.  Ok, here’s one I wrote in grade five that I don’t mind sharing:

There once was a spider
who was a good hider.
He hid in my shoe,
and the next thing I knew,
he was dead.

So now you have a little taste of the depth of my talent.

The theme for the 12th annual National Poetry Month is Climate Changes.

Here is one of the poems on climate changes that I enjoyed on the League of Canadian Poets blog page:

runaway iceberg

in the middle of the Antarctic,
a stray iceberg, detached
ice-land once inert
becomes a mammoth boxcar
derailed, separated
follows a water trail
like second nature

no polar bears frequent
the loose vessel,
a harboured spectacle
restless, relentless,
on its white journey
:a frozen runaway
on a primeval ocean
defying global gravity

the gravity of the situation
impossible to anchor
the gargantuan uninhibited iceberg

forsaking its winter home
under a merciless sun
unstoppable, slakes its own thirst
for blind freedom
in an orderly world,
becomes its own ice-island
of disaster

I.B. Iskov, Founder of The Ontario Poetry Society, received the 2009 R.A.V.E. Award (Recognizing Arts Vaughan Excellence) and is Art Educator/Mentor in the Literary Arts.   Her collection,Sapphire Seasons is recently published by Aeolus House, Allan Briesmaster, Editor.  Bunny lives in Thornhill, Ontario with her husband Larry and their two children.

Whatever! Her poem didn’t rhyme as well as mine did! 🙂


  • jacquie

    There’s a poetry slam every month here in Vancouver on Commercial Drive I’ve been trying to get to and now I’m inspired to make it happen. Nothing beats hearing a good bit of poetry read by its’ creator.
    I think rap can be included in this category, too.

    Your poem is really quite good, Bonnie : ) Great rhythm.

  • Tracy Westerholm

    I loved the passion we both had back then, and again now. I like looking back and remembering those moments in time. Writing, whatever it may be helps make sense of things. I have been trying to find a poem I wrote to add to this and when I do, I will, I know I kept them in a book. I think we are doing what we love still and that makes me smile 🙂 We are the same, just different, evolved spiritually and wiser. Your poem did rhyme wayyyyy better. hee hee. xoxo

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