A Dog’s Unending Loyalty

Bonnie Johnson's PostThose of you who know me well, know that I am an animal lover and I am particularly a fan of dogs.

Our dog, Spot, (who hasn’t a single spot- we thought it was funny at the time, ok) is an important part of our family.  She’s part border collie, part black lab and some other random unknown part on her unknown daddy’s side.   I take her with me as often as I can if I’m traveling by car.  She even has her own seat belt.  I buy her very expensive non-allergenic food because she has skin issues.   She has a big fluffy dog bed on every level of our house.  That means three comfy beds plus an extra one on the outside deck off the office.  Ya, she’s spoiled, but she is so worth it.  She melts our hearts daily with her loving glances and wags her tail if we so much as glance her way.   She is pure love on four legs.  I bet all of you with dogs of your own are nodding with understanding right now.Spot

So for all my fellow dog lovers out there, here is an inspiring story of dog loyalty at its best.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “A Dog’s Unending Loyalty

  1. Aww that is so nice. I am a total dog lover too. Spot and Zack are great friends ! Spot is sooo sweet I love spending time with her when we come to visit. Her eyes are irresistible.
    You have to train them Jake, lol I will remember to keep my shoes on next time I come over for a visit lol !

  2. Trace, Lily IS trained! She’s just a sad, sickly little thing with chronic problems and so sometimes she takes the easy way out when she can’t get up the stairs to let us know she wants out. Poor baby! She’s only 6 lbs so stairs are huge obstacles for her.

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