A Day In The Life of ME

Santa reads my posts! I know this because I received a Flip video camera for Christmas this year after posting about it here on Tara Cronica.  Yay!

I’m just getting acquainted with it, but I thought for fun I would post a little movie I just made with my Flip.  Don’t be too critical…it’s my first attempt and I was rushing to get it uploaded for today.  (Took hours to upload – I may be doing something wrong)

This video is just a bunch of clips of me going about my day.  Keep in mind I’m on vacation, hence the very late start in the morning. 😉

John hates that I showed his mug in some of the shots but he was a part of my day and…well it’s too late now.   The weather here in Florida has been crazy cold (for Florida) and although it’s sunny it was actually only about 12 degrees out while we were biking.  Brrrr.

My videos can only get better right?  🙂

I want to wish all of you the very best for the New Year! Thank you so much for supporting Tara Cronica.  It means the world to us. xoxo


10 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of ME

  1. I loved your video! I promise I will do one next with my new video camera! woot woot! My day is quite different with getting kids to school and there are parts I couldn’t upload tee hee! Okay no there isn’t…yet!
    Where was the gym? At the beach or your house? John’s so handsome! 🙂
    I think it would have been wayyyyyyy funnier if at the end when you looked out the window into the dark, your reflection was buck naked! You do sleep buck naked don’t you? lol
    I love your new digs!
    Happy New Year Everyone! 2011 is going to be something special, I can feel it already! Just stay tuned and watch it unfold! xo

  2. Ya, that would have been hilarious…for you! I really don’t think our readers on Tara Cronica want to see a naked me. I’m wearing my new robe and I’m not telling what, if anything, was underneath it.
    The gym is in Clearwater Beach at Lisa and Sky’s condo…they give us access anytime we want to use it. It’s a 45 minute bike ride from our place. Some days we just drive there but adding the bike is a great workout.

    I wish the cold hadn’t killed a lot of the flowers in the yard and the grass. It was prettier just a few weeks ago.

    It should probably be noted that I filmed the good stuff I ate that day and “forgot” to film the junk that I also consumed. 🙂

  3. Bonnie, that was so much fun! A Real Housewife of Dade County, or Miami Beach episode! Seriously, it was great fun seeing where you live and how you spent your day. I think you’ll enjoy many hours with that flip cam in the future. The music was good, too. Please keep it up!

    You’re looking wonderful, BTW!
    Happy New Year! oxox

  4. Thanks for sharing that Bonnie it was great!

    Ladies…Happy New Year to you all! Thank you so much for your blog…there were times throughout this year that your content was especially inspiring and helpful to me personally!

    Aloha from Maui (we’re having an amazing holiday here)

  5. Great to get a peak at your life in Florida. The flip cam is a great gift for you. What I did notice was your pipes are looking good! Also that bike ride across the bridge looked like fun. Had a good laugh at John at the end…always camera shy!

    Ho hum…I guess I’ll rug up now from the minus 10 degrees and trudge across the snow (uphill) to water your plants:)

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