A Beautiful Wedding ~ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

A Beautiful Wedding ~ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I set my alarm for 6am here on the east coast.  I’m Canadian and as part of the Commonwealth, I couldn’t miss the Royal Wedding!

I love the pomp and pageantry! I love the history and tradition.  This wedding had it all and certainly didn’t disappoint.

Kate Middleton, a regular girl like the rest of us, became The Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of England today.  A fairy tale come true and I don’t think anyone could have cast it better.  Kate fits the role perfectly.

Those of us who could lip read were thrilled when William told Kate “You are beautiful” as she joined him on the alter at Westminster Abbey.  And beautiful she was in her perfect for her dress designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.  She wore a Tiara passed down to her from Queen Elizabeth which was originally bought by the Queens father, King George VI. (Kings Speech)

I’m writing this while watching the wedding coverage and while texting my friend Lorellei, who is also of the Commonwealth (an Aussie) and who has a memory like a steel trap.  She knows all the facts and should really have been hired to commentate for CBC (she is a little frustrated by some fact mistakes she is hearing).  🙂  She’s even more dedicated to watching this coverage than I am.  Up at 2am on the West coast!

The crowd gathered around Buckingham Palace was absolutely massive; all anticipating the kiss from the balcony at Buckingham Palace.  They weren’t disappointed as there were actually two kisses from this modern royal couple.  Beautiful.

Here are some photos I was able to gather but I can imagine as the day goes on there will be many, many more.

First, a look back at previous royal weddings.



  • Lorena M. Wood

    I stayed up as well to watch the big event. It was just as I thought, traditional in so many ways, with the exclusion of the frilliness and addition of the modern “down-to-earthness” that so commonly threads between William and Kate.

    The most exciting part….. was when Wills and Kate were taking their vows…. when she said “I do,” and he said “I do,” you could hear in the midst the wave of the roaring crowds and at each of these times, the corner of Kate’s mouth would turn up slightly…… a friendly sign from her fellow commoners of hope and happiness for the support she felt.

    Kate’s brother did an very respectful job of his reading.

  • Tracy Westerholm

    How could you not love the tradition in this ceremony! Ceremony doesn’t seem to be a large enough word to describe it! It was beautiful and Kate looked stunning!

    I also loved her sisters dress and the little ones all following along, all a part of history! William looked very handsome and he had such a sparkle in his eye when he looked at Kate and her at him!
    Fairy Tales do come true!
    Ahhhhh love in the Royal Family…finally! Princess Diana was watching as a proud Mother of the Groom I am certain!
    I wish them both intimate love and happiness forever! 🙂

  • Bonnie Johnson

    Lorena, I’m just glad I had Lorellei texting me to fill in the blanks…I didn’t know that was Kates brother doing the reading. I thought he did a very good job too. Can you imagine how scary that would have been. I also love seeing Kates little smile when she heard the crowd outside cheer.

    Thanks for stopping by Jodi and congratulations to you too!

    Was that a good romance fix for you today Tracy? I thought a real life fairy tale full of romance would get your approval. 🙂

  • Lozza

    It was well worth the interupted sleep to get up and watch my boy Wills tie the knot. Loved seeing the interaction between him and Harry as well as with Kate. Took away from the formality of the occasion and made it personal which was great. Imagine Diana’s boys are men now!!… When Charles and Diana and baby William were in Australia in 1983, one of their bases was a big sprawling homestead near the town in which I was living at the time. So they would fly in and out of the local airport. Being a shameless royal watcher I studied their schedule so to know when to be at the airport to see them come and go. A couple times disappointed because it was just Charles and his entourage:) But well worth it when Diana and William were there.

    • Bonnie Johnson

      Wow! I didn’t know you had a bit of stalker in you. Learn something new everyday! Thanks for being my text buddy in the wee hours of the morning. It made the whole event more fun for me. I love that you are a shameless royal watcher. 🙂

  • Richard

    All I can really add is finally some good news for the institution of marriage that has served mankind (sorry ladies) so well for so long.

    Long live Love. Long live romance. Long live the King and his beautiful Queen!

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