40 Second Rant

We all need to rant every now and then. I like that More magazine (you know, the magazine “For Grown-up Women with Smarts|Spirit|Style”) features a 40 second rant in their issues. I think 40 seconds is the perfect amount of time to rant too. Any longer and you cross into whine territory and that’s just annoying. It’s not lost on me that the magazine is for over 40’s and they chose 40 seconds for the rant but I think we should draw the line there. No one wants to hear a 49 year old rant on and on for 49 seconds. That would just be too much!

Here is a rant from the Feb/March 2010 issue of More called Flex This!

My name is Sarah and I am a flexitarian. For those of you unfamiliar with the term (as I was until a marketing expert enlightened me), allow me: “Flexitarianism describes a way of eating that allows you to be a flexible vegetarian.” Yeah, that’s right — you can be a holier-than-thou, kale-and-quinoa-consuming veggie freak, who, from time to time, inhales prime rib. Awesome, yes? For the record, I’m also a fleximoralist who enjoys mocktails with my best frenemies. Authenticity is so overrated.

If I were going to offer a rant of my own at this time, it might be  about the joys of hot flashes and the consequential lack of sleep that accompany them and why I think men should all have to pass a whole cantaloupe at least once in their lives, but I’m not going to go down that path.  No I prefer to keep it light and humorous today, so  here are some more of Sarah Moore’s 40 second rants:

Have something you want to rant about?Leave it in the comments below, but remember, 40 seconds max!




  • Tracy Westerholm

    Okay the bird crap facial…money doesn’t always = brains!

    Here is my 40 second rant…(start the clock)

    I could give a tutorial of how to approach and go through a round-a-bout but naaaaa I get much more pleasure from blurting out GOOOOOOOOOOOO each morning to the dumb-ass driver in-front of me that doesn’t understand you don’t actually have to stop. Clearly drivers ed needs to touch on round-a-bouts! If they’re used properly we’d all be going with the flow! The only thing I like better…the driver who honks, yells, flips me the bird while almost popping a blood vessel in their forehead when I dart in front of them because they’re taking wayyyyy to long to figure it out! Both situations make me smile, the latter of the two makes me giggle!

    P.S – the elderly are exempt from my turrets moment 😉 N’s and L’s are fair game!

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