15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

I gave up drinking coffee 5 or 6 years ago. Why? Why, would anyone in their right mind give up the ol’ day starter, jitter juice, life blood, Juan Valdez’s Best? Well, it started with a cleanse I did where I was only allowed green tea and, it turns out, my stomach is much happier with green tea. My morning mind muddle really misses the morning mud however.  And the aroma.  I love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and the warm swirling steamy scent from that first pour. Mmmm. It’s the aroma that has tempted me into a few cheats lately. So I suffer with a bit of bent-over-cramping, and I’m unable to do anything but lay on my left side for a couple of hours while I writhe in pain and sweat profusely, whatever! It’s so worth it sometimes.

Well now that you know about my relationship with coffee, here are a few more (15 actually) tidbits about coffee you can impress your coffee shop cronies with the next time you meet at your local java hut. Thank you to Matthew Inman at theoatmeal.com for your insight and humour!



  • Tracy Westerholm

    One of my most favourite things to do is sit and read the paper or surf the net with my morning coffee, preferably with a warm body (male preferred) sitting next to me shooting the breeze about what we have both come across. It’s a warm slow lead up to the busy day. A way of reconnecting…mind you a glass of red at the end of the day works well too 😉

    I laughed when ‘caffeine’ distracted ‘adenosine receptor’ “I never liked him anyway” Bahahaha! That’s funny!

    Thanks for the giggle…I may be alone sitting here sipping my warm java reading your words but I am not lonely…in the moment baby…in the moment!! xoxoxo

  • Jacquie

    Hey, I thought I knew everything worth knowing about coffee but I guess not! Fun facts, for sure.

    My coffee consumption is way down these past few months since my daughter pleaded with me to give up the sugar substitute Equal. I’m not loving the idea of putting white sugar in my drink! I sure hope I get a taste for unsweetened caffeine soon 🙁


    • Bonnie Johnson

      Hi Jacquie! Good for your daughter! Equal = very bad. I have a solution for you…stevia. It is a safe sugar alternative. My naturopath recommended it to me years ago and it is what I sweeten my tea with. John uses it in his coffee too. xoxo

  • Jacquie

    Thanks Bonnie! I’ve heard of it (and maybe even had it suggested before) but wasn’t ready to divorce my Equal. I think the time is right to give it a try. I appreciate the reminder that there is another option.
    Mwah and Svaha!

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