My Bio!

I invite you to read my posts for an inside look into the “real” me but I warn you – I tend to keep changing and growing (hopefully for the better and not bigger).

I do hope you keep coming back for a new peek into “what’s happening”  in my life (Fridays, Saturdays and every third Sundays) and into the life of my co-creating goddesses Tracy and Jacquie.

Ok. Here’s a little more about me:

I am a 48 year old woman who, like Nora Ephron, feels bad about her neck. (Well she feels bad about her own neck and I feel bad about mine)
I have a 22 year old son who has deserted me to go and live his own life on the other side of the continent where he goes to university. I’m proud of him for this, but our invisible umbilical chord is stretched very taut and I feel the tug everyday.
I’m still head over heels madly in love with my husband.  When I mention this around other women my age many of them look at me like I have an extra nose on my face.   I guess I’m not “normal” in this regard and I’m forever grateful for it.
I’ve been blessed with being able to work at home in front of a computer that teaches me something new everyday.  How great is that!
I love my life.

Rampage of Appreciation

I’m grateful for:

My dog Spot who loves me unconditionally and follows me everywhere. (Update: Spot is gone now but I’m still grateful for the time we shared)

My husband John who…same as above. (Update: John is still with me 🙂  )


My parents for teaching me how not to be.  Oh c’mon mom! That’s funny!

My jacuzzi bathtub for two.  I especially appreciate  it when I get the whole thing to myself.

Books, books and more books.  (click on the goodreads link below to see some of what I’ve read so far)

My library loft for all my books.

My son James.  I can be my silliest when we are together.  He even lets me sing out loud.


My three step kids and their kids and spouses.  For their acceptance and love.

My best friend Tracy who has tucked in my tags, kept my secrets and helped pick me up off the floor a few times.

Jacquie and Tara Cronica dot com for helping expand my life and my self.

Friends.  I love’em and I’m always looking for more.

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Bonnie with a good cup of teaFamily.  No matter what happens…it’s all learning right.

Learning! I love learning new things and I hope I’ll still be learning something new when I’m 102.

A great cup of tea!

A great glass of red wine!

(this is an ever growing list…just warning you…this page could get very long one day. After all I plan to live to 102)

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